Origins. Which region in Cornwall?

It is of interest to ascertain in which regions of Cornwall the migrants originated from.. Our database records the parish of birth (when known) where the migrant was BAPTISED. The parish boundaries were altered and/or divided to create new parishes by the Church of England at various times - particularly during the Victorian period. In a similar way we record the district in Cornwall where the BIRTH was recorded by the civil authorities. The civil registration districts boundaries were altered by the government from time to time (they were first introduced in 1837). Reconciling ecclesiastical and civil regions over a period of time is complex. We have drawn up our own list of ecclesiastical parishes and allocated these to a District. (the results may not agree with other researchers). From this we are able to generate statistics telling us from which districts the migrants originated from.

                  Click on this PDF to see a list of Districts and Parishes                                                                                   (4 pages) 20 May 2020

Cornwall Districts & Parishes

The chart below sets out the distribution of migrants by district based upon the current numbers of all individuals entered in our database. There are currently (1st May 2020) 250592 individuals (born in Cornwall). These are constantly being revised - almost on a daily basis. 

Cornwall Registration Districts
Birth Districts Distribution Chart