Category. Types of Migrant.

Below is a listing of the types of migrants as defined by the CGMP and who qualify for our database. Underneath is a chart which reflects the numbers presently entered in our records (3rd May 2020).



EMIGRANT - LINEAR: One directional movement out of Cornwall with no subsequent moves or return to Cornwall (except home visits). Includes those who died at sea travelling to/from Cornwall as well as mariners and military personal.

EMIGRANT - MIGRANT: We know these people were born in Cornwall and moved to another country, but we do not know the country of death. Many of these migrated to other countries in the British Isles ie. England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Channel Islands and Isle of Man. (Much of our UK information has been extracted from the UK Census Records 1851-1911, particularly that of 1881).

EMIGRANT - FORCED: These had no choice - generally transported after a court conviction but also includes the early indentured servants (say to Virginia or West Indies) as well as in the days of North African slavers capturing fishermen and invading the coasts of Cornwall. During the Napoleonic wars fishermen and sailors were captured at sea and imprisoned in various depots in France.

EMIGRANT - RETURN MIGRANT: Migration from Cornwall with a subsequent return and death in Cornwall.

EMIGRANT-  TRANSMIGRANT: Migration from Cornwall which includes one or more movements from initial overseas destination to other countries and then death.

EMIGRANT - RETURN TRANSMIGRANT: Migration from Cornwall with one or more subsequent migrations to other countries before return and death in Cornwall.


DESCENDANT: Not born in Cornwall but had one or more ancestors who were born in Cornwall, country of birth and death is given as far as is known. Divided to show those who did or did not die in Cornwall. We do not generally add Descendants but we do so when there is a particular need for understanding. An example of the enormous task of adding descendants is illustrated by John Magor who was born in St. Day in 1810 and when he died in Australia in 1894 he left 6 living children and 40 grandchildren and 4 great children!

NOT CORNISH: To assist in particular studies for instance (amongst other reasons) a full record of all (including not Cornish) in various cemeteries have been included. Examples 1. Full survey Linares Protestant Cemetery in Spain. 2) The Cornish section of the burial ground at Pontgibaud in France. 3) Full survey of the Panteon de los Ingleses in Real del Monte in Mexico.

UNKNOWN: Probably qualifies for the CGMP the record needs further research.

IMMIGRANT - Our central mission is to provide a record of all those who were born in Cornwall and left to live in another country. This is one side of the two-sided migration story. We are thinking of those who arrived to live in Cornwall but were born elsewhere. We have made some entries (and tweeks) to test the database to ensure it is capable of dealing with such people. We have no immediate intention of researching this aspect.