Destinations. Where in the world did they travel to?

It is commonly stated that wherever in the world there is a hole in the ground then you will find a Cornish miner at the bottom of it. Many (perhaps the majority) of Cornish migrants were associated with the traditional Cornish skills associated with the mining industry, there were many who had other occupations and, of course there were also women and children. To aid in recording where in the world the migrants travelled to we have divided the world into 12 regions and listed countries to those regions.

By mining further down into our database we can break down  countries into States/provinces, County and towns. For instance, we can produce a chart breaking down those who travelled to the USA broken down by which State within the USA. By ‘mining’ down further we could produce a chart for each USA State but showing to which county within that State we associate the migrant with, then another could show the towns within that county.  We illustrate the main chart below (extracted 1st May 2020). Please remember, these figures are not definitive - they only reflect the information we have so far entered into the database.

              Regions & Countries & Explanation. Click image for PDF file                                                                                                (3 pages) 20 May 2020

Regional Destinations numbers